A little clue in regarding my categories: If something is labeled “seen from the boat”, it’s not going to be a cetacean. If a post is TITLED “seen from the boat”, well, that’s a sure indication that the whale watch ended sans whales. Now I knew there weren’t a whole lot of whales in the […]

With everything going on recently, both on the national level and the personal, I’d completely forgotten about some of the photos I took at the aquarium over the weekend. There is progress being made on the shark tank:   and the new seahorse tank is up and running and has animals, located in the mudflats […]

Often the light on Warner causes a backup on the Pacific Coast Highway. I’d never seen it cause a 9 minute backup before. I gazed restlessly out at the reserve, when something caught my eye. A bird like I’d never seen before, and it looked like it’d lost its tiny little mind. It ran along […]

Today I was out on the Newport Legacy out of Newport Beach. It’s a big, comfortable boat, and I was looking forward to the chance to see some of the unusual sightings that had been made down at Dana Point yesterday: 1- A juvenile grey whale, which should have completed it’s migration months ago, and […]

My last 5 posts were photo heavy. But there’s a lot I left out, and I wanted to share a few of those things.

You’d think the Science Center would be one of my favorite places. It is not. I like it when I have kids. Love the teaching opportunities, love to watch them explore. As an adult, it’s a lot less exciting. I was there for one thing and one thing only. I wanted to see the space […]