When I came to California (for better healthcare options and to reduce the HUGE co-pays I couldn’t afford in New Mexico) I had two locations in mind:  Petaluma and Long Beach. Petaluma was a risk.  I don’t know the area.  The apartment complex there has no wait list, but also no idea when there will […]

Last night was a Members Only event at the Cabrillo Aquarium for the grunion run. Yes, we had grunion on the outer beach! We also had our regular grunion program at the aquarium before the tide came in (at 11 pm) including a movie and grunion egg hatching. We also had wine, hot cocoa, coffee, […]

I’m now at 94% of my image storage limit for this blog.  I LIKE WordPress, but I don’t think I should be paying for another blog right now, which means this blog will become my archive, and I’ll likely go back to Blogspot, since I already have TheRadula.blogspot.com The above photo was taken today at […]

Every morning I go to the aquarium, and I’m happy to be in the LA area.  I think my life would be perfect if I could just find a good apartment in San Pedro. Every afternoon I drive back into Long Beach. I see the filth and poverty, and I long for Petaluma. I know […]

There are days when nothing happens.  When there are no whale watches,  no festivals, no protests.  There are days when the cactus in the walkway isn’t blooming, when I haven’t been lucky enough to capture an interesting bird on my camera. There are days when I’m not in a class, not at the gym, not […]

Last night I had a very vivid dream. I dreamed I moved back to Santa Fe. I had a new apartment in my old complex. I remember feeling very strongly that I not only had all the furniture and possessions I bought here (even the ones that were only in my dream) but that I […]